Event: Ostrich Crawl Experience
Sat 1 June 2024
Time: 07:30

Venue: Highgate Ostrich Show Farm, Oudtshoorn



A must do event in 2024!

In 2024 Ostrich Crawl will celebrate its 7th birthday! As in 2023 the Highgate Ostrich Show Farm will be the home of the race with awesome Trail Run and MTB routes which is only accessible during this event.

The Trail Run route is set just after the breeding season of Ostriches, which gives you a unique experience running through the veld among the Ostrich chicks.

The MTB route is scenic and will suit both racing snakes as well as social riders! However, be on your guard for the Ostrich Monster….. There will be a bit of gravel roads, single track and lots of jeep track. The 38 & 59km Mtb will also be riding over part of the historic old Mossel Bay pass.

With Ostrich Tours, lots to eat and drink and also our newly added 5 Km Fun Walk you will definitely not be bored while waiting for your loved ones to finish their races.

Online Entries will close 31 May’24 – but you will be able to do a late entry on the morning of the race.

Registration & Late entries:

Friday evening from 16h30 till 18h00 at the Highgate Ostrich Show Farm (31 May’24)

Saturday morning 07h30 till 08h45 at the Highgate Ostrich Show Farm (1 June’24) – Trail Run

Saturday morning 07h30 till 08h45 at the Highgate Ostrich Show Farm (1 June’24) – MTB

Classes and pricing
Available classes for the event

Class Distance Start Time Price (pp)
12 Km Trail Run (R120.00) 12 km 07:30 R 120.00
5 Km Fun Run / Walk (R60.00) 5 km 07:35 R 60.00
58 Km Mtb (R390.00) 58 km 07:45 R 390.00
38 Km Mtb (R290.00) 38 km 07:55 R 290.00
59 Km E – Bike 59 km 08:05 R 390.00
19 Km Mtb (R190.00) 19 km 08:15 R 190.00



12 km
5 km Fun/Walk



58 km MTB
59 km E-Bike
38 km MTB
19 km MTB


29 March 2024
16:00 – 18:00

30 March 2024
06:00 – 7:20 Trial Run

06:00 – 7:30 MTB


Highgate Ostrich Show Farm


12 km TRIAL RUN @ R120, Start 07:30.
5km Fun Run/Walk @R60, start 07:35
59 km MTB @ R 390, Start 07:45
41 km MTB @ R 290, Start 07:55
59 km E-Bike @ R 390, Start 08:05
19 km MTB @ R 190, Start 08:15