Services - Jakhals Events

Events Applications

Initial Appreciation and Plan

Route Planning and Mapping

Event Application

Risk Categorization Application

Medical Risk Assessment and EMS Application

Population Certificates Application

Events Liquor License Application

Public Liability Application

Structural Engineer Certificate Application

Provincial Road Use Application

Municipal Road Use Application

National Sport Federation Sanctioning Application

Events Activation

Event Appreciation and Plan

Establish Safety Committee

Management of Joint Operational Centre (JOC)

Management of Venue Operational Centre (VOC)

Event execution

Establish and Operate the JOC

Implementation of the Event Plan

Debrief and Recommendations for Improvement

Event Equipment Hire

Crowd Control Gates

Speed Fencing

Tables & Chairs

Beer Benches


Other Services

Building and erecting crowd control and speed fencing for events

Planning & executing of branding plans for events

Signage and Route Marking

Time Keeping

Inline Registration

Management of Registration Point

Marketing and Branding