Event: Hybrid Track Series
25 July 2021
Time: 14:00

Venue: Ovaltrack Oudtshoorn



The name Hybrid track says it all!! This unique series of racing will take your fitness to the next level and is a mixture of track cycling and MTB on a dirt oval track. In other words you will be racing track cycling events on your MTB on a dirt oval track. This concept is safe, spectator friendly, exiting and will definitely take your fitness to the next level! At the end of the series all riders that completed the whole series will receive a special finisher’s medal and overall category winners will receive a special trophy…

This unique way of racing was introduced to riders by Jakhals Events. Eden does not have a cycling track and therefore the idea of Hybrid Track Racing was born.

Several track races are being raced for eg. Individual TT, Pursuits, Scratch Races, Points and the most exciting one for the spectators – The Devil. The Devil gets the hind really takes the riders out of their comfort zone and spectators to the point of their seats. Every lap is a sprint to the line and the last riders gets called off – eventually leaving two riders to sprint for the gold and silver.

All in all a nice family fun day of cycling!!

For more info: Jakhals Events 074 260 2871